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Find a Golden Corral near me in seconds: Use the map below to see all All-You-Can-Eat Golden Corral locations near your current location that are open now.

Golden Corral Near Me: Find a Buffet Near Me – Use The Map.

Make sure that the GPS location is turned ON on your mobile phone if you are using your phone, and that any VPN is turned OFF, if you are using your desktop or laptop computer. The All-You-Can-Eat Near Me map function will only work, if the system is able to read your location.

Click on a location on the map and you can see the Golden Corral near me opening hours, addresses and phone numbers.

Golden Corral Location Finder:

If the map is not working for you, you can use Golden Corral’s own Location Finder:

  1. Visit:
  2. Choose your State.
  3. Address and phone numbers of Golden Corral restaurants in your state will be shown.
  4. Click on ‘Restaurant Info’ to show hours of operations, the location on a map, as well as the menu.

Golden Corral has grown substantially since its inception, and as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, it boasted over 450 locations across the United States. To find a Golden Corral near me, is easy if you live in a major city. These restaurants are spread out across the nation, making it convenient for patrons to find a nearby Golden Corral to satisfy their cravings for American comfort food.

While the majority of Golden Corral locations are situated within the continental United States, the chain has also made efforts to expand into Puerto Rico, demonstrating the brand’s ambition to bring its buffet-style dining to a broader audience.

About Golden Corral.

Golden Corral has been satisfying the appetites of countless diners for decades. Known for its all-you-can-eat approach to dining, Golden Corral has become a go-to destination for families, friends, and food enthusiasts across the United States.

The story of Golden Corral dates back to 1973 when the first restaurant, under the name “Golden Corral Family Steak House,” opened its doors in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The brainchild of James Maynard and William F. Carl, Golden Corral was designed to offer an affordable, family-friendly dining experience with a wide variety of menu items.

Over the years, Golden Corral evolved, and the company decided to focus on the buffet concept, which was well-received by customers. This decision laid the foundation for the Golden Corral we know today, where patrons can enjoy a broad selection of dishes from salads and soups to carved meats and desserts—all under one roof.

Are all Golden Corral Restaurants the Same?

Despite the uniformity in the Golden Corral brand and menu, there are subtle differences between individual locations. These distinctions can be attributed to factors such as regional tastes, management choices, and the influence of local culinary traditions. Let’s explore some of the common variations you might encounter:

Menu Variations:

The Golden Corral near me, maybe offer different than rhe Golden Corral near you. Many Golden Corral locations offer regional specialties that cater to the local palate. These might include regional barbecue dishes, seafood selections, or unique dessert offerings.

Seasonal or holiday-specific items can also lead to variations in the menu. Special promotions, such as Thanksgiving or Easter buffets, often feature dishes that are not available year-round.


While Golden Corral maintains a standard pricing structure, certain locations might offer special discounts or promotions during specific days of the week or times of the year. Certain locations like in New York, California and Alaska have higher prices than the average Golden Corral restaurants.

Private Dining Rooms:

Some Golden Corral restaurants offer private dining rooms or banquet facilities for special events, parties, or meetings, while others may not have this option.

Outdoor Seating: Depending on the climate and the available space, some Golden Corral locations may offer outdoor seating, while others do not.

Accessibility: Facilities for people with disabilities, such as ramps, accessible restrooms, and parking spaces, may vary in their availability and quality.


Some Golden Corral locations may have additional entertainment options, such as arcade games or televisions in the dining area, while others may focus solely on the dining experience.

Alcohol Service:

The availability of alcohol service can vary. Some locations may have a full bar, while others may serve only beer and wine, and some may not serve alcohol at all.

Catering Services:

Golden Corral locations may offer catering services for events, but the extent of these services and the menu options available can vary.

Operating Hours:

Operating hours may differ based on location, with some Golden Corrals offering 24-hour service, while others have more limited hours.

It’s essential to check with the specific Golden Corral location you plan to visit for information on their facilities and any special services they may offer. These variations in facilities can result from factors like the restaurant’s size, ownership, regional preferences, and the needs of the local customer base.


Delivery is available in most locations, but not all. To find your preferred delivery service, please see the Golden Corral restaurant info pages at for your nearest location’s delivery options. All restaurants offer a To-Go menu.

-Golden Corral Near Me in your area: If you want a Golden Corral Location to be opened in your local city, then let your voice be heard in the comment section.

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